Start your babies our right!

At California Shots For Pets,  We firmly believe in starting out each puppy and kitten right! 

Therefore we offer services to the breeding professional in our community.  We offer house calls with all the same services as a standing hospital without the risk of contracting disease or illnesses.

 We offer fecal testing, deworming, micro chipping (Required by OFA or AKC for breeding and or certification) flea and tick treatment, vaccine records for the new owner and of coarse vaccines!!  

Please feel free to contact with any questions!  

**Shots for pets is a mobile vaccine and preventatives clinic. We cannot give medical advice over the phone and do not treat sick animals. If you suspect your dog is having labor trouble or has contracted an illness (parvo, distemper etc..) please contact your local emergency veterinary hospital. At this we don't not offer AI services. We also do not offer dewclaw removal, ear cropping, tail docking or declawing.

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Check out our Prices and Services page for more details on vaccine protocols and services offered!